takarazuka! 🎋

In my last post I mentioned that I received my acceptance email from the university I’ll be attending in Japan, but what I didn’t mention is that I also know where I’ll be living! In fact, I even have the address. 😏

It’s really exciting and makes the whole thing more real to know that somewhere in Japan there’s a room just for me, and starting September 8th it’ll be mine for roughly 11 months! I don’t yet know what the dorm room will look like, but here is information I do know…

It’s located in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan! 🌱

This means I’m only about 35 minutes from the heart of Osaka. 😍 Osaka is full of so much from food to sights to museums to parks… I could go on. It also means I’m fairly close to Kansai International Airport, so if I need to do any airplane traveling I’m not insanely far from where I need to go.

I’m also fairly close to school (~25 minutes), so my morning (and evening) commutes won’t be too difficult, and I can probably spend them reading ahead for classes, getting in touch with people back home, or just enjoying a good book on the train. Whatever I choose, I’m so excited.

It’s super new ✨

This is actually the best part in my opinion! It was recently finished for students in September 2016, so it’s totally renovated and hasn’t had time to “age” quite yet. It’s also the closest dormitory to the school (for international students)! 😌 It’s apartment style living, so there’s one unit with four rooms, and the four of us in the unit will all have our own rooms. We will have to share a bathroom, but I’m not too worried about that part at all.

I’ll live with other international students 🌎

From what I understand, the girls are usually on the top floor and the guys get the bottom floor (thank God because they’re probably too damn loud), so I’ll be surrounded by people from all different cultures! Some will be American, but since my university is accepting around 200 international students this semester, I’m expecting quite a few non-Americans to be mixed in as well.

Originally I wanted to live in the Japanese dorm, but after getting over my initial bummer over not being placed with them, I realized I’m happy to be in the international dorm. I think my experience will be even more fulfilling if I get to know non-Japanese students too, and I’ll have friends from all over the world when the year is finished. 💙

I’m only about one hour from Kyoto 🚝

I’m really thankful for this because it’ll be perfect for a day trip every so often. Kyoto is another place just full of so much to do and so much culture, and I can’t wait to take trips there with friends and enjoy what Kyoto has to offer. I know there’s a lot of shopping, interesting shrines, and fun bars to visit. 🍧 I just get so excited thinking about all of the possibilities that will come with travel! So Kyoto is definitely somewhere I’ll be visiting once I’m all settled in.

There isn’t too much happening between now and the time I leave, except for maybe more information pouring in from my program advisors as the next 70 (!!!!!) days pass. I’ll have to get my visa taken care of some time in July/early August, so that’ll be a debacle. It may require traveling to San Francisco, but I’m really hoping that it’s possible to do it all remotely because I don’t have the energy or time to travel to San Fran. 🙄

Anyway, that’s all for now! The journey to Japan continues…

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