Tag: Journey to Japan

A collection of posts detailing my journey to Japan, which spanned roughly one year but was only recorded starting in April 2017. This tag will no longer be active in September 2017 and will instead be replaced with Life in Japan.

Study Abroad Alumni Meeting

2017 May 5 · Japan
A quick recap of the alumni meeting I attended yesterday to meet with other students that have previously studied abroad in Japan! Full of pictures of my school in Japan, information about the program, and a whoooole lot of excitement.
The Japan Manifesto 🇯🇵

The Japan Manifesto 🇯🇵

2017 April 23 · Japan
A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer. The Japan Manifesto exists to give me something to look back on when I'm in Japan, especially if I need encouragement. Hopefully, the following things will make me a better traveler and human being.