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Life Update 🌸

I definitely thought I’d be up to doing more blogging while in Japan, but as time has passed I’ve found that it’s really difficult to maintain a consistent blog. I’m incredibly busy here (which is great), and it’s hard to sit down sometimes and summarize all of the things that are happening. I haven’t done any huge trips yet so I can’t do any “travel” blogs, but I’m really looking forward to documenting those here.

For now, though, here’s a quick look at life since my last post!

The food here is amazing!

My obsession and love for Japanese food is never ending. I eat out with my friends a lot, but it’s usually cheaper than buying food at the supermarket and cooking. Depends on the meal, but it’s real easy to go out and get ramen for less than ¥1000. There are various other places to go too and get cheap food! That being said, I love going out with friends to eat because we have so much fun. Plus, I love discovering new restaurants. Back in Vegas, it was difficult to find “new” places because almost everything was chain restaurant style, but in Japan, even chain restaurants are amazing! And you can find so many chains. I especially love testing out the ramen chains. 🍜

Nagashima Spa Land!

If you’re unfamiliar with Nagashima Spa Land, it’s a big amusement park in Kuwana, Mie prefecture. It’s home to the Steel Dragon 2000, which is the scariest rollercoaster I’ve ever been on in my life. I went with my best friend’s host family and their friends, and we had a huge group of us running around on the rides. I had so much fun and would definitely go again! It was also only about ¥2500 for the whole day. Unfortunately, the park is only open from 10am-6pm, but by 6pm we were all wiped and ready to relax. Which is great because after the amusement park, we went to an onsen at a hotel nearby! ♨️

If you don’t think you’d be much of an onsen person, I promise you’re wrong. They’re so much fun and so relaxing. It’s not weird at all to be around naked people, though I can see where that might be unsettling for some. I think you just have to remember that you’re not the only naked person and everyone is just there to relax and enjoy themselves. It was also a lot of fun to go with people that are basically family. 💘

A look over Osaka at Osaka Castle

One of my favorite memories so far was spending the day exploring Osaka with my best friend and a friend I met online during language exchange. We met at Takarazuka JR Station and from there went into Osaka, where he took us to Osaka Castle, a very famous spot to see here. It’s a gorgeous park surrounding the famous castle, and from the very top you can see all of Osaka. I took pictures from all 4 sides, but I definitely think this was the best photo. 📸

After seeing Osaka Castle, we went back to the main Osaka JR Station and explored a little bit more. From there, we went to the Pokémon Center. I was a little disappointed in it to be honest, but it was fun laughing over how my best friend and I called everything by the American names. Charmander is not “Charmander” in Japan… 🐉 When we’d finished looking around the Pokémon Center, we went to dinner and grabbed some really yummy food! A little secret: some of the best restaurants can be found underneath the stations. 😉

Hogsmeade at Universal Studios Japan

From this point, I’m retelling memories that have since not lost their magic, but have changed their importance to my life. In the beginning of October, my then-boyfriend (that I mentioned in the last post) came to Osaka from Tokyo to spend the weekend with me. We went to Universal Studios Japan, which is a really popular place for people in Osaka, and spent 2 days there. The first day we spent doing Halloween Horror Night attractions, and the second day we spent just exploring the park. It got to be a little rainy/overcast, but it was still a lot of fun. ☔️

Unfortunately, I’m no longer with him. Some people know the details and some don’t (I’m not very public about it), but don’t worry about me, I’m happy.  Better things have come into my life since then, things that make me far happier and make me feel way more fulfilled, so I’m okay with the outcome of our relationship. It’s taught me to value my own happiness and wants, which I’m definitely going to continue to do throughout my time here.

Georgie & I

I also had the amazing opportunity to meet the lovely Georgie! I’ve known her for ages but never thought we’d have the chance to meet.  She recently got married, and her and her new husband decided to spend their honeymoon in South Korea and Japan! I’m so glad they decided to stop in Osaka because it was great getting to meet her. We went to a ramen place I’d never had before called ZUNDO-YA (ずんどう屋), a pretty famous ramen chain. I had some of their spicy ramen (of course) and absolutely loved it. 💚

This month, I’ll also have the opportunity to meet Tara! 😁

For the most part, that’s everything! There’s been some other stuff happening in the meantime, but nothing I have good pictures of, so maybe I’ll try to document it in a separate post another time. See you guys soon! 👋🏻

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  • Reply
    2017 November 13 at 8:59 AM

    You look like you are having such an awesome time!! 😀 This blog will probably be an amazing keepsake for you once your experience is over!! Please eat all the ramen. ;_;
    And amazing that you’ll get to meet bloggers based over-theres… I’ve gone around the globe to meet internet friends and it’s so amazing. Hehe.

    I’m glad you’re in a good place even after your break up 🙂 Relationships come and go, and I’ve come to find the importance is in what they leave behind.. Whether it be experiences or lasting changes to our lives because of the different things we do influenced by them!

  • Reply
    2017 November 14 at 6:09 AM

    Aahh, I love Japanese food! I noticed the same thing when I was in Japan about the chain restaurants. They’re actually really good there! I liked trying the katsu curry chains.

    Oohh, Nagashima Spa Land sounds fun, and that’s a good price for an amusement part. That’s especially nice that you can go to an onsen nearby afterwards. Sounds like a relaxing way to end the day! The view from Osaka Castle is lovely too!

    Sorry to hear about your previous boyfriend, but that’s good that you’re still doing well and better things have happened since then. Not every relationship has to end in a terrible way, and the important thing is how we move forward from it 🙂

    That’s exciting that you met up with Georgie and will be meeting Tara too!

  • Reply
    2017 November 15 at 3:44 PM

    Wooo, it’s awesome that there are so many great places to eat that are not expensive! 😀 It would also give you so much choice and always something different to try. 😀

    I am glad to hear that you are happy. That is the most important thing.

    Woooo! So awesome that you were able to meet Georgie AND that you are going to meet Tara as well. 😀

  • Reply
    2017 November 15 at 9:23 PM

    It sounds like things are hopping for you, but in super good ways 😀 I am so glad you’re loving Japan! I cannot wait to meet you, btw! One more week or so!

    RAMEN. Gotta say that Japanese ramen are good! And I can see how it’d be cheaper to eat out if you can find a reasonably priced restaurant ^^

    Never heard of Nagashima Spa Land, but it sounds neat. I would love to ride that roller coaster! I’ll pass on the onsen, but not on that 😀

    I cannot wait to visit Osaka Castle! It was mentioned in one of my favourite games (the very same game that took me to Hakodate and Kyoto LOLOL), so I am determined to see it in person this time! AND USJ! I loved the Harry Potter World there, but I am not keen on returning to it any time soon LOL

    And woot for meeting with Georgie! ^^ It’s awesome to meet up with online friends! With that said, I’ll be next! Sorry to hear about the boyfriend, though :/ But good that you’re happy and not down!

    • Reply
      2017 November 16 at 7:50 PM

      I think one of the things I’m going to miss the most is the ramen! Ramen back in the States is definitely not the same, even if it’s a Japanese shop you’re heading to.

      I thought everything in HP World was way too damn expensive, so I didn’t end up buying anything except a little Slytherin keychain. But it was a fun experience to go in, and I loved the hologram show! I want to go again during Christmastime.

  • Reply
    2017 November 16 at 11:31 PM

    Ha, I feel the same way too about being digitally lazy because real life is so much more fun! But I do take the time to document my experiences for keepsake though.

    Japan looks soooo dreamy. I’d eat a lot of ramen too if I were there. Nothing beats authentic ramen! *drools* Also, takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

    I’m happy that you’re contented where you are right now and you’re not being bitter about it or anything. Take the lessons with you, though. I believe someone better will definitely come along, but in the meantime, focus and work on yourself so you can love others more.

    Please continue to blog about Japan. <3 You and Georgie look beautiful!

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