Japan: At A Glance 🇯🇵

The following is a complete list of all of my posts related to Japan, both before I left, during my stay, and upon returning home. They’re categorized neatly for easy reading and updated frequently, so please enjoy. ☺️ If you want to ask me any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a tweet or an email!

Writings & Important Articles

  • The Japan Manifesto — A motivational list of things I don’t want to forget while in Japan, especially when suffering from homesickness or frustration.
  • Life Update — Looking back on 2 months in Japan and some of the fun things I was up to!
  • Japan: 3 Months Later — A quick reflection on my first 3 months in Japan and my feelings at that time.


  • Study Abroad Alumni Meeting — I met with alumni that had previously studied in Japan and had the chance to ask them various questions and listen to stories.
  • Takarazuka! — I talk a little bit about finding out which city I’ll be living in and my dorm accommodations, all of which are pre-departure notions.

Life in Japan

Places I Visited

Hokkaido 北海道

Tohoku 東北

Kanto 関東

Chubu 中部

Kansai 関西

Chugoku 中国

Shikoku 四国

Kyushu 九州

Thoughts on Food, Culture, & Language

Day-to-Day Life