Goodbye April, Hello May

Posted on 2017 May 2 in Life

April was a fair month, and it wasn’t too busy. I got to see one of my favorite bands — Bastille — in concert for the second time, which was the first time I’ve ever seen a band for a second time! Honestly, I didn’t have any severe post-concert sadness. I’m still suffering from the One Ok Rock concert in Los Angeles since I think about it everyday.

I hung out with friends a lot this month, and I’m so glad. I’ve had a hard time up until this year when it came to friends, but meeting S & C has really changed things for me. They both actively rope me into their plans, and I love the chance to practice Japanese with a friend that’s as passionate about it as me. It helps that S is so excited to help and so eager to learn about our cultures too! I know I’ll miss her when I’m in Japan with C.

Memorable Moments

  • Going out with my friends for ramen and boba tea! (Before working the worst shift ever…)
  • I saw Bastille for the 2nd time! I last saw them in 2015, so this was awesome. They’re not my #1 favorite band these days, but seeing them live was still such a great experience. Dan puts on such a fun show, and the other members of the band get so involved! I’ll definitely see them again if they come to wherever I’m living.
I was lucky enough to see them front row again! (Yikes at the guard…)
  • Talking on the phone for the first time with my friend from Seattle, WA, for nearly 4 hours! He hails from Tokyo and goes back in 2 months, but hopefully we’ll talk more before he leaves.
  • My study abroad program’s orientations finished this month, and they inspired the Japan Manifesto! My excitement to go to Japan only grows more intense as the days pass.
  • I started a “Concert Masterpost” page! I realized by August I will have attended 3 concerts this year, and the more concerts I attend the easier it is to lose track of when/where I saw artists! Plus, I want to attend lots of concerts in Japan (especially spontaneously), so I decided to start a comprehensive list.
  • Found out Linkin Park is coming to Tokyo in November 2017 to play with ONE OK ROCK and I want tickets so bad. Cross your fingers for me please! It’s my dream to see ONE OK ROCK in Japan. 
  • Hung out with S & C again near the end of April! We went to a cute Korean café and spent 4 hours there studying Japanese. S is so helpful and loves teaching us new things, though she often asks me to help clarify grammar points for C since my level is higher than C’s, though she’s studied for 5 years compared to my 6 months. It makes us all laugh when S goes “Ah! I can’t explain!” and looks at me for help, ha. I adore spending time with them! We went out to dinner after the café and brought S to Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time.

Song of the Month

I never really had any kind of motivation to give Man With A Mission a listen, but whoa — I really love this song. I think my favorite lines might be “She’s got a suitcase full of big dreams / She’s in a city full of bigger lies / He’s Shinjuku James Dean”. The entire song is in English so if you’re not a fan of non-English songs, no worries!

April Favorites

医師たちの恋愛事情Doctors’ Affairs

I’m kind of a little obsessed with this show, and I’m definitely bummed there isn’t a second season! I started this show because of Takami Saito, but I’m ending this show with huge heart eyes for Hirayama Hiroyuki. Besides all of the attractive actors, the story really picked up speed and the characters are all fleshed out by the end. I’m attached to pretty much every single one of them, and a drama that can do that to me is definitely worth the watch.

Hidden Figures

Last month I watched Moonlight (2016), and this month I finally got around to seeing Hidden Figures (2016). It’s based on the true story of three incredibly smart black women working for NASA in the 1960s and how their contributions to the space explorations of the time were pretty much forgotten. The film was captivating from start to finish, and I highly recommend it to pretty much everyone. It’s biographical, but there’s a lot of comedy in there!

Looking Forward

May marks the end of my sophomore year of college! I’m a little stressed about the amount of work I have to get done, but I’m going to give it my best shot and hopefully come out on top. I’m also planning a trip back East to see my family at the end of May and into June!

Some time at the end of May or beginning of June I’ll know whether I made it into my school in Japan and can officially say — without a doubt — that I’m heading to Japan in September. My nerves are crazy waiting for that email, but I’m trying not to dwell on it too much!

Here’s to a great May!

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  1. While you’re suffering from post-concert sadness, I’m suffering from post-Japan blues! It’s great that the One Ok Rock concert made such an impact. Good that you were able to see another one of your favourite bands!

    You did some fun things this month! I like how you’re keeping track of your concerts 😀 I decided to do that, but on Facebook for all the classical concerts I’ve been trying to attend 🙂 That’s so cool Linkin Park is going to Tokyo and performing with the band of your heart!

    I can’t believe May means you’re almost halfway through college! And I can’t for you to get the final word about your school in Japan ^^ I know you’ll get in.

    • Ah, post-Japan blues might be even worse! I don’t blame you one bit. 😛

      I keep track on Facebook too, but they don’t always have events which can be frustrating. I decided to make my own list instead!

      Thank you for your encouragement as always!

  2. You saw Bastille? YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I had no idea you’re going to Japan! Lucky and I hope you have a great time and get those Linkin Park tickets. I still love their old stuff even now…

    • They were incredible in concert!

      Linkin Park’s stuff is great. Even their new stuff is good, though it is way different from their old sound. Somehow the evolution has worked for them, I think.

  3. Glad you got to see Bastille again! Also, I have my fingers crossed that you can see One OK Rock and Linkin Park in Tokyo, too!

    If I made a list of concerts I’ve been to… ah, I have lost count. I used to write them all down when I started getting into it and photographing them, but once the list got to over 100 I stopped. Too many, haha. I don’t go to as many as I used to, but I still enjoy them from time to time.

    I heard that Hidden Figures was really good. I also am keen to see Moonlight but haven’t had a chance to yet… though when I fly back from Perth I might watch it since I remember it being available on the plane. And there’s not much else I’d feel like doing on a plane, haha.

    I’m reading this pretty late so I already know about the good news!

    • I’m going to more concerts this year than I’ve ever gone to in a year’s period. I usually only go to 1 or 2 each year and sometimes I don’t go to any at all! Really just depends. But I went to a small show for a friend’s band this year too, and it was a lot of fun. I just enjoy the atmosphere at concerts. I think they’re so much fun.

      I highly recommend both Hidden Figures and Moonlight! They’re both great films and they touch on some pretty heavy subjects. Definitely worth the watch.

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